Natural Lifestyle Photography by Merryn Benham Captures | FAQ

Where are your sessions held?

Harrington Park NSW is my preferred scene as I live here, however if you have a special spot you'd prefer to shoot at, do let me know and we can discuss if it is a suitable location. A travel fee of .50 cents per km will be applied if the location is further than 30 minutes from Harrington Park NSW.


What should I wear to my photo session?

Keep it simple! No super bright colours, large logos, crazy prints, and choose complimenting colours if you are having a session with more than just yourself. Accessories are nice to break up solid colours, but should be minimal so they don't steal the show. You can change outfits during a session, but please note I do not bring a change station.


How do I view my images?

Usually around a couple of days after your photo session, I will create a gallery on this website for you to view. I will send you an email containing the link to your gallery. The gallery is not possible to locate on my website by browsing, you need the specific URL which I will provide you. It is up to you who you want to show the gallery to.


What images will we get?

I'll choose the best images from your photo session to upload into your online gallery to choose your final images from. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks for images to be edited and available online. I do not show all the images taken on the day; not all images are flattering! I do not give out unedited or RAW images. 


Can I put my images online?

Yes, you can put your images on your Facebook page, or other similar social media sites for personal use only. All images are copyright protected and cannot be altered in anyway, this includes the use of "filters". Images can not be used for commercial use, entering into competitions, or be printed for profit (selling). It is always appreciated if you link your images to my Facebook page, but this is not a requirement.


Can I print the images myself?

Yes, you can print the images for your personal use or as gifts for family and friends, however I strongly recommend ordering prints via this website from your viewing gallery. The quality of the prints provided by my selected printers is far superior to photographic prints done at stores such as Big W, Harvey Norman. Permission is not granted for printing for commercial use or for sales.