Natural Lifestyle Photography by Merryn Benham Captures | Testimonial


Claire and Amelia Griffin -

I'm just writing to thank you for the amazing photo shoot and the amazing images you took of me and my daughter Amelia. Booking was so easy, and the customer service was amazing. Every step of the journey was enjoyable!

Once we met up for the shoot, we were immediately at ease and Merryn dealt with my two year olds whims with amazing calm and got the best responses out of her. Amelia bonded with her almost immediately. It made the whole shoot so easy and enjoyable. And the photos! I can't tell you how beautiful the images are. We have been to (many) other professional photographers and not a single image came close to what Merryn produced.

I can't thank you enough, and I can't recommend you highly enough.








Mistie, Matt, Emmerson and Evangeline  -

I just want to thank you so very much for such a great photo shoot and the amazing photos that came out of it! I can't say we are a naturally photographic family, who could say such things with not only a preschooler but a baby as well! And yet you managed to turn those images into such beautiful shots! Thank you for putting my daughters at ease. My eldest usually has quite the shy streak that makes it hard for her to warm up to people she has just met, yet despite that, she broke out into smiles quite early!

I would definitely recommend you to all of my friends and family. Such professionalism mixed with a nice relaxed atmosphere, made this shoot so easy to do. We are looking forward to doing another session in a year, because such beautiful work will look wonderful adorning my walls as my girls grow up! Thank you once again, I really can not stop staring at those pictures :)